Database Engine

Seven search criteria wizard:

  • habitat
  • size
  • colour of feathers
  • beack shape
  • colour of beack
  • colour of legs
  • behaviour

  • It is also possible to search for a bird by name, or create a list by family or order.


    What is

    The app provides a valuable tool for any birdwatcher or general visitor to Patagonia.
    For each bird, the English, Argentinian and Chilean names are given, and the name, order and family appear also in Latin. There is a brief text about the bird, its conservation status and two links: one opening a map showing its distribution, and another leading to a series of photographs of the species.



    Carlos Spitznagel (photographer), has lived in Patagonia and travelled extensively throughout southern South America seeking to create a complete record of the bird-life of the region.

    Lucian Comoy (the project leader, journalist and translator) has travelled extensively in the region by land and sea, sailing south of Tierra del Fuego and trekking high in the mountains.

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